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5 Best Jewellery Gifts For Christmas

Shopping for celebrations like Christmas and New Year can be overwhelming. Deciding what to buy is the biggest hustle that you would never want to face. Unless you know what they want or have a blow-by-blow list with the best prices or their favourite colors. There's a whole world of stuff you can buy for your beloved friends and family like - chocolates, home decor items, dresses, champagne, etc. But, we all must have wondered what the women in our lives would want for Christmas? Jewellery by Mitali Jain, a one stop solution for the best fashion jewellery in jaipur, is your answer to all your doubts on what to choose for your loved ones. Check out the 5 best jewellery pieces you can give as a Christmas gift, coming straight from the wishlist of statement jewellery designers.

1. Elegant Essentials:

This is the right time when you can gift your lovely peeps with something elegant, classic and minimal, because keeping up with the trend is a must! Nowadays, you don't have to wait for a year to go for a jewellery show or a best fashion jewellery shop, looking out to find the best minimal jewellery. You have Jewellery by Mitali Jain covering you for something easy and sophisticated that you can wear for everyday use as well as casual outings. These elegant essentials are a must-have not just for Christmas but for any occasion or festivals.

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2. Something Silver:  

Silver jewellery is an all-time classic, an alluring gift that would be remembered for years to come. If you know a person you are gifting to is a silver lover, make yourself ready with the amount of love and excitement you’re going to receive when you gift them these cute silver jewellery pieces. Our meticulously crafted and lovingly designed Silver jewellery collection is one to behold and admire for life. Make your jewellery box even more beautiful and exuberant by shopping our silver collection from the website. 

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3. Astonishing Headgears:

Headgears are a perfect addition to your beautiful ensemble on special occasions. They are considered a must while wearing an Indian, traditional outfit. But jewellery by Mitali Jain ends this misconception right here. Along with the delicate, traditionally inspired designer headgears, we also have stylish and minimal designs of headgears that you can beautifully style with your indo western or western outfits. This collection is very versatile and gives you an option to choose from a large variety of traditional yet trending headgears to gift. Gift to the diva in your group and let her create her magic with these versatile jewellery pieces.

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4. Functional Bookmarks:

Ever thought of giving bookmarks for novels? They can be a very thoughtful, unique and impressive thing to give to your bibliophile friend or relative. Books are said to be our best and true friend, hence giving it an embellishment is one of the greatest gifts to you and your beloved person. As an ode to all the book lovers, we bring to you a collection of gold plated bookmarks, one of the creatively designed and best bookmarks for books! These handmade bookmarks are so beautiful that you have to level up your reading game if you use them. 

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5. Cocktail of Colors:

These colorful stone accessories are so enchanting that you will lose yourself in their opulence. Plated in gold, these fine accessories appeal with their semi-precious stone affixed in the center of the jewel. These different pieces are a must-have for every jewellery lover, so gifting these luxurious jewellery items will make you the star giver of the Christmas celebration.

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