5 ways to style Mitali Jain Chains - Instagram Trends

5 ways to style Mitali Jain Chains - Instagram Trends

Take a look at any of the trend pictures, or of your favourite celebrity from the past few months and you'll observe a very interesting trend emerging. Glass and Mask Chains - yes, the ones that your grandma used to wear so she doesn't lose her frames- are the new-new!

And as contrary to those old glass chains that were solely made for their functional use, these chains are highly fashionable, chic and are very widely available in cool colours, material, and style, that are perfect to suit any outfit, trend, or personality. 

One thing that makes this trend a truly iconic and must-have addition to your jewellery trousseau is its multifunctionality. Be it to hold your mask, your glasses, accentuate your bag, to be layered as necklaces or bracelets; these chains are perfect to be rocked and styled in all the possible ways.

Here’s how you can style them and save yourself the hassle of going through endless instagram jewellery pages or pinterest for inspiration.

  • As Mask Chains:
  • One of the most irritating things about face masks (not that we're complaining) is how frequently you have to take them on and off. Put it on while waiting in the queue for your hot cup of coffee, and then put it off while having your coffee. Put it on again, while walking out. 


    Mask chains are here to help you with this constant struggle and to change your pandemic life in an instant. These chains help to hold your mask when not in use while quickly jazzing up your socially distant look.

    mask chains

  • As Glass Chains:

    You must be wondering what happens to these chains when face masks will become a distant memory, and we'll be done with the pandemic! Well, you can easily repurpose them for keeping your sunglasses close by. 


    You can team up the chains as per the style of your sunglasses; go for a Classic Pearl Chain by Jewellery by Mitali Jain for your subtle and feminine silver frame sunglasses, or go classic with a Crystal Garland Chain for your stylish dark shades. Follow Jewellery by Mitali Jain on Instagram, one of the best jewellery pages on instagram, for your daily dose of inspiration.

    glass chains

  • As Necklace:

    One of the most appealing things about these chains and how they compliment your look is how perfectly they accentuate your neckline when used along with your masks or sunglasses. So why not use them as necklaces only, every now and then! 


    These beautiful chains come with a hook that can be easily clipped together to form an elegant looking accessory to add to your current stack of layered necklaces.


    Or if you're so much in love with the beauty of your mask chain, style it solo for a classic minimal vibe. The Auric Chain for an understated glam look, to the Hipster Box Chain, for a free-spirited bohemian vibe, Jewellery by Mitali Jain has a wide range of masks and glass chains that are beautiful enough to style as a necklace with any outfit you like.

    as necklace

  • As Bracelet:

    If your favourite mask chain has done its part by holding your masks and glasses, and also by completing your look as a necklace, you can style them as a layered bracelet for that street style trendy look. Delicate chains like Auric Chain, Gypsy Chain and Glided Chain from Jewellery by Mitali Jain are perfect to be used as a layered bracelet with any outfit you want, be it your floral summer dress, or crisp white shirt with denim.


    Use one as a necklace or mask chain, and the other as a layered bracelet to bring your whole look together.

    as bracelet

  • As Bag Chains:

    Using mask and glass chains as bag chains can definitely add some flair to your ensemble. These chains have knobs on both sides, which can be easily hooked to any of your favourite bags; from slings, hobos to your laptop and handbags for that much-needed bling.


    Add them along with your existing bag strap to add some style and fun, or use them as a strap instead to totally transform your mundane bags into something fashion ramp worthy. The chunky Bubblegum Chain, Candy Chain and Auburn Chain are perfect to add a pop of colour to your tiny slings; whereas the Crystal Garland Chain complementing your summer hobos will surely turn many eyes around. 

    bag chains

    These chains can be styled in many different ways- from using on your outfits for some Instagram approved DIY style to holding your essentials like a camera, bags, glasses etc, keep your creative juices flowing by styling these chains and creating a new look and function every other day.

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